Message From the President

Our promise is that we will continue to work hard to give our members a voice locally and on a European level

The Malta Business Aviation Association has been around for ten years now and the Maltese business aviation landscape has changed significantly over the past ten years. According to The Economist the Maltese business jet fleet will grow by 4%. This is very reassuring but it does not mean that we can rest on our laurels. On the contrary we have our work cut out for us. In a recent Business Aviation Round Table organised jointly with the EBAA the attending delegates whilst full of praise for the pristine work being done atTMCAD a number expressed concern that it is imperative that as the Maltese aviation activity continues to grow and diversify so does the human resource element at the TMCAD so that the jurisdiction reputation for being business aviation friendly remains intact. Whilst business aviation traffic continues to increase it is becoming ever more so a concern for airport access. Whilst Malta International airport is not a Eurocontrol Slots we are informed by our members that the airport has on occasion refused overnight in Malta for business aircraft and on a regular basis park the aircraft on remote stands even for short turn-arounds or requires repositioning.

The Economy and Aircraft Fleets

The traffic to Malta has more than tripled and although the Government Terminal is being shared for business aviation traffic this is not always available and the costs are forbidding, a General Aviation Terminal remains elusive. One hopes that the governments new airport strategic plan will take business aviation traffic into account. As one can see in the publications we have produced together with the MBAA, business aviation contributes in excess of 500 million to the Maltese economy and employs in excess of 3000 people.

The MBAA is launching this website which other than an improved look and feel will give its members access to studies and reports that the MBAA and EBAA produce. It has also a dashboard accessible to members which will give users access to statistical data of business aviation traffic. Furthermore we are pleased to inform our members that as part of the membership package they get also a free listing on Findit Malta. By now everybody knows that a membership in the MBAA is automatically also a membership in the EBAA, thus giving our members a voice on both a national and European level.

The association needs its members to function and as such we would shortly be holding an AGM to form a new board. Interested parties to form part of the board are urged to send their cv’s and a short letter on what motivates them to form part of the association. The Call of application restricted to employees of all paid up members forming part of the association.

Whilst we hope you like our new website we look forward to hear from you about your vision for the Maltese business aviation industry, your support and your news. Our promise is that we will continue to work hard to give our members a voice locally and on a European level.

Yours sincerely

Stanley Bugeja

President Malta Business Aviation Association.



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