MBAA statement re COVID-19


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MBAA statement re COVID-19

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Dear members, friends and colleagues,

Due to the COVID19 epidemic, life as we used to know it,has changed in the last couple of months and dramatically in the last two weeks. It is a reality which all of us have tounderstand. 

Malta Business Aviation Association (MBAA) is closely monitoring the situation, together with the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), the Civil Aviation Directorate (TMCAD), our partners on the business aviationmarket and the local and European authorities. We are strongly convinced, that together, we will go over this health and economical challenge, as human beings and as an industry. 

In a time when everything is changing so fast it is hard to make recommendations and offer best practices and advice. It is also very complicated to even follow and comply with all the flux of restrictions constantly updating.

However, we believe the points below are of outmost importance:• Follow the recommendations in place from National Governments and Health Authorities. Confirmed notices may be found here; courtesy of the EBAA we are working on a direct link from the MBAA website. We have already uploaded some informative/useful documents on the MBAA website which can be found here;• Strictly follow the quarantine, personal hygiene and recommended precautions and constantly remind this to employees; for employees who feel well and have no symptoms, advise them to practice good hygiene at all times as prevention is the best way to fight with the virus; should symptoms appear (dry cough, breathlessness or fever of 38°C / 100.4°F or above)necessary and responsible steps should be followed without exception -> self-quarantine, contact dedicated health centers and hot lines, etc.…• Wherever and whenever possible, apply “work from home” policy or roster flexibility• A special thought and recommendation goes to our colleagues, the crew members, who continue flying and transport our passengers to their destinations, exposing themselves and taking the risks; encourage them to isolate themselves in the hotels during ground times and avoid any unnecessary public activity; and of course, take all necessary hygienic measures at all times, in the air and on the ground; help them protect themselves irrespective of destinations. We remind you that Malta currently allows the carriage of UN1219 – ISOPROPYLALCOHOL (used in disinfectants, among others) in individual containers with a maximum volume of 500ml. • Ensure protection to our passengers• Carry universal pre-caution kits on board of the aircraft and disinfect the aircraft wherever possible, while on ground• Share with us information specifically arising out of the situations that are possibly unfair; there are a lot of restrictions but the interpretation of it might be very wrong• Pay attention to abusive cancelation policies and let usknow of anything you deem to be contrary to fair competition.• Have a look at the government incentives that help the business such as the delayed payment of VAT, social security payments and payment of provisional tax. The Government has also announced incentives for teleworking software. • Have an effective and practical business continuity planin place. 

In these unprecedented circumstances we have to come together, virtually of course respecting the social distancing, as the board is confident that together we will come out of this ‘bruised but not battered’ to be able soar once again.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Meanwhile, please find some useful links below:
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