The association for anyone involed or working with the avaition industry?

Who should become an MBAA member?

The MBAA was setup in order to assist professionals  and anyone involved or working with the Aviation industry.   If you are in any way involved in the Aviation industry you would benefit from becoming a member.

Full Members

  • If you are Private Operators carrying out a trade and operating aircraft for the purpose of business travel in connection with that trade;
  • If you are Commercial Operators managing business aircraft on behalf of their owners and/or carrying on trade in which  they will provide (one or more) aircraft on a commercial basis for the purpose of business trips for companies; and
  • If you are Flight schools or other academies involved in the training of persons to work in the national and international aviation and associated industries.
  • If you are Aircraft owners
  • If you are Fixed Base Operator or other service providers providing the industry with services relating to aircraft fuel, oil, and parking, and ancillary aircraft services such as hangar storage, maintenance, and ground services such as towing and baggage handling.
  • If you are Professional service providers such as aviation, legal and or accountancy consultancy firms involved in providing services to all other categories of Full Members.
  • If you are National Associations – all national associations representing Private and/or Commercial Operators as referred to above. , whether registered or not, involved in the national and international aviation and associated industries and
  • If you are Maintenance Repair Organizations (MROs)

Associate Members

Companies or other organisations concerned with the manufacture or the provision of services to Commercial and Private business aircraft operators and not qualifying to be Full Members.

Affiliate Members