Covid Vaccine Certificate


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Covid Vaccine Certificate

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The Malta Business Aviation Association and its Members have strong concerns of the impact the new legislation issued by the Maltese Government, LN301 of 2021 published the 13th July 2021. More specifically, the requirement of the Covid Vaccine Certificate as a precondition of the exercise of the right of movement, with particular reference to the passengers traveling in and out of Malta. This regulation will seriously damage our jurisdiction, the daily operations and will eventually result in a significant loss of jobs and revenue for the country.

It is our opinion that one size fits all approach is putting unnecessary burden on an industry, and indeed the island, with little or no real benefit in containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. ‘What risk does a passenger vaccinated in America, Canada or any other country pose when travelling to Malta to board their yacht that will eventually leave Maltese territorial waters? However, the charter company, the handling company, the transport company, the yacht company all lost business and reputation because of this position. Jobs and livelihoods are being put at risk, when we have already shared a risk mitigating protocol with the health authorities more than a year ago when the situation was significantly worse.

As has been highlighted also by the European Commission the above is in contrast with the spirit of the European legislation, which prohibits any kind of discrimination for travellers that are not vaccinated (for whatever reason: either not being able to take the vaccine or exercising their right not to have it).

We are thankful to the Director of the Civil Aviation Directorate who has ensured that previous crew protocol remains applicable.

However, this restriction, if not changed, will create disruption to the entire sector of Business Aviation Industry.

With 85% of the population in Malta already vaccinated as of today, the benefit versus loss ratio of these new measure by far leans towards the loss side of the equation.

The MBAA is available to urgently meet the Maltese Authorities involved, providing them its support and its expertise related to aviation transport, in the joint effort to find alternative solutions to be adopted, guaranteeing the non-violation of the international principles, and safeguarding the health of the Maltese and European citizens.

MBAA Board.

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