Corporate Jet Investor London 2023 event

Corporate Jet Investor London is just 2 week’s away!

CJI London brings the industry together for three days of in-depth content, robust debate, focused discussion and lots of opportunities to network with industry.

For those of you unfamiliar with this event, Corporate Jet Investor London is not a UK-centric conference. With 500 attendees attending from 38 different countries, this is a globally important meeting for the business aviation industry.

The agenda is now live! You can view the topics here which contain TED-style presentations, in-depth Q&A sessions, interactive audience participation, stimulating debates, quizzes and more. It is the perfect opportunity to keep up to date with latest insights (both positive and negative) from an expert line up of speakers.

With 24 hours of scheduled networking time, delegates multiply and strengthen their connections with dealmakers such as operators, OEMs, brokers, financiers and charter specialists.

CJI London sells out every year, so book as soon as you can to avoid disappointment!

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EBACE 2022

Important Clarification | Maintaining aircraft with Russian link

📣 [NEWS]

The Malta Business Aviation Association has received a lot of questions following the several sanctions imposed on Russia. The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) has collected many of these questions and provided some clear answers and guidance. 

Please click on the link to find out the latest developments and frequently asked questions!

Krimson Aviation 🛩

As African business aviation continues evolving, and standards continue improving,  Krimson Aviation is committed to supporting operators flying to, from, and within Africa. With the continent made up of some 54 countries, and even more cultures, languages and customs, there is much to consider as Dawit Lemma, CEO outlines below.

As little as a decade or so ago, the idea of operating business jets in Africa was greeted with skepticism. Africa was seen as the outpost for business aviation and a place to dump aging airframes. However the situation has transformed significantly over the last ten years. The hard work of the African Business Aviation Association (AfBAA), strengthening national economies, and increased interest from international commerce, has created an ideal environment in which business aviation is thriving. Ironically the pandemic has also played its part with governments, airlines and operators recognising for the first time the benefits the sector brings as an essential transport pillar.  This momentum has created new appreciation, along with a dynamic operational landscape.

Africa is an extremely diverse continent; each nation has developed its own business aviation operating procedures which in turn creates operational inconsistency. Changing regulations, limitations of infrastructure and shifts in the competitive landscape add further ambiguity for operators. Ground support is spread thinly and invariably is focused on the larger moneymaking commercial handling opportunities. The African FBO network is limited, those that exist are comparable with international offerings, although they remain few and far between. 

There is no one size fits all when it comes to operating into Africa. However with the right approach, forward planning and a healthy dose of expectation management, operating into Africa can be seamless. The key challenges are centred around bureaucracy and access to reliable information. Permit processing epitomizes the landscape. Permits may take a couple of hours to process in one country, or a couple of days in another. Fee structures are variable with a single fee covering a comprehensive fee in one nation, while another may require a multi-level permit fee for daytime, nighttime or even airport lighting fees. The best advice to avoid facing permit issues is to be prepared.  Make sure your aircraft and operator documents are up to date, and most importantly know the regulations for the nations where you will need permits.

Business aviation has grown rapidly on the continent, as has commercial aviation, both of which are now vying for the same services at many airports. Airport slots, catering provision, fueling, parking, and maintenance services, are all battling services from the same suppliers.  Several airports lack the appropriate runway for business jets so slots are restricted, and the majority of private flights are still processed through passenger terminals which are often busy, and less discrete. Access to maintenance support across the continent is also insufficient to match the growth in need, and AOG situations can quickly escalate as parts are kept in customs, and technical expertise is scarce. 

To avoid turbulent times and fulfill planned missions we recommend having more than just one plan. Be prepared to make modifications and mid-route changes to overcome any issues regarding airports and be aware of alternate entry or exit points as initial gateways can often be shut inexplicably. Staying on top of scheduled maintenance can also mitigate maintenance downtime.  Above all – manage your expectations. Flight operations will operate differently in Africa than they do in Europe, North America and other regions. Being aware and prepared to deal with the dynamic environment will streamline the experience and reduce your workload.

Get to know the CAA representatives of frequent destinations, network with suppliers and partners, and most importantly create strong relationships with local representation. Partners that understand the ins and out of private aviation on the continent, as well as the nuances of languages and cultural gestures, are invaluable. Seek reliable local advice from a ground handler or trip support company that has had experience at arrival and departure airports and understands business aviation. A little local knowledge can go a long way in Africa.  

At Krimson we have made a point of doing the ordinary, extraordinarily and this has supported year on year growth for the last five years. We look forward to developing further international ties through the Maltese Business Aviation Association and will be pleased to share our local knowledge to improve and enhance fellow members’ international operations. 

New higher security shredding at Rentastore

Document management specialists Rentastore now offer highest security shredding with Din 7 shredders

The highest level of security shredding is now being offered by document management specialists Rentastore. Thanks to their Din 7 shredders, Rentastore can guarantee clients certified destruction of confidential data. 

This is just one of the services the company offers as it strives to provide its clients with top level security and efficiency, along with top customer service. Shredding is one of the four services Rentastore offers, alongside archiving, scanning and online access, making it the ideal go-to company for companies that require top-level security, among them those in the aviation, health, pharmaceutical and insurance industry. 

Din 7 is the highest security level for paper shredding, indicating the smallest level the destructed paper is reduced to. So, a level 7 paper shredding destroys a standard A4 document into 12,053 pieces.

Rentastore offers a convenient shredding service: your documents are picked up in the strictest of confidence and shredded at our state-of-the-art premises. Apart from the obvious security benefits, shredding is the ideal way to free up office space while also saving the environment. All your shredded papers will be recycled, allowing them to be turned into new products.

Rentastore offers safe and easy archiving services: boxes are delivered to your office. Each box has a unique barcode and a seal to ensure ultimate privacy and security. You then fill the boxes with your documents . Once they are ready, your boxes are collected and delivered to Rentastore’s professional document storage warehouse where they are scanned and given a trackable location.

While in storage, your documents are stored at the highest level of security thanks to the argonite fire suppression system. The argonite fire suppression system offers effective fire protection with zero environmental impact. It is also extremely safe, offering peace of mind that your documents are safe from fire damage.

Rentastore have recently had their world-leading ISO 9001 certification re-issued. This demonstrates that its products and services are compliant with national and international regulations and standards.

To make it easier and quicker to access your documents, Rentastore offers a digital scanning service. You can easily access your list of archived boxes and make a request via its secure and user-friendly online portal. Your boxes will be delivered to you in no longer than 24 hours.

To learn more about Rentastore’s services, or to get in touch, visit or call (+356) 99997070.

DC Aviation

DC Aviation GmbH is committed to making private aviation more #sustainable. That’s why, DC Aviation (Malta) Ltd. offsets more than 2,500 tons of CO2 – equivalent to 1,000,000 litres of Jet A1 – making DC Aviation (Malta) Ltd. the first company with a Net Zero FBO on the island. 🌱

The offset was done in collaboration with CTX Global – the official carbon trading platform of IBAC. ⁠✈️

Furthermore, our Maltese FBO has pledged to replace its ramp vehicles and ground support equipment with electric-powered counterparts by the end of 2022. So, the future is indeed looking greener.⁠

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