What is business aviation?

What is business aviation?

Economy and Competitiveness

•Business aviation is an economic engine for the European Community
•The European business aviation sector annually contributes nearly €20 billion to the European economy, generating €5.7 billion is salaries and wages
•With the fully equipped in-flight offices and no time  wasted at airports, business aviation increases productivity
•Business aviation has been growing faster than the overall air traffic market in Europe
•Business Aviation is the ultimate point-to-point air travel, offering three times more destinations than the airlines and 100 times more destinations served with frequent flights
Safety and Security
•Business aviation has been proven to be one of the safest forms of transportation
•Business aviation is secure by nature


•The European business aviation fleet is one the youngest and therefore the most advanced and environmentally friendly in the world
•Business aircraft represent 7.8% of Eurocontrol traffic but less than 1% of aviation emissions and only 0.03-0.04 % of all EU emissions


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