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How Skylegs integration with can assist 🛫

               Antwerp & Malta, 7th July 2021 – Aircraft operators know that selling their empty legs can make a huge difference to their bottom line. In the past it was left up to the sales teams to promote and upload (manually) any empty legs to platforms or send out e-mails or WhatsApp messages to notify both brokers and customers alike. This was not only time consuming but also a great distraction for the often-small sales teams operators have, who frequently focused on the most potential empty legs only, leaving out the so called unimportant positioning legs.

               The good news is that this manual process is now a thing of the past, as technology companies such as Skylegs and GetJet Limited are enhancing services at a rapid rate, and they see that any probable empty leg can be actually a source of income.

               Matching the available flights with the passengers’ demands is what GetJet Marketplace does best. Operators simply have an API feed from a schedule board that sends all empty legs into the unique search engine at in real time. The empty leg then goes through the search engine and locates all matching requests, and the broker or customer is notified by automated mail. All empty legs are actual and live in the platform direct from the operators.

               Skylegs, seeing this source of potential revenue for operators, decided to dedicate resources over the last year to ensure they added this API feature to its already well-established aircraft management platform. This development was once again seen by the Skylegs team as an opportunity, to not only optimize processes but also to maximize operator’s empty leg exposure. Once the feature was released, several operators using Skylegs took advantage and are now linked to the GetJet Platform.

About Skylegs

Skylegs is an Aviation Management platform where aircraft operators, brokers and dispatchers can administer their business. It comprises everything needed for air management, going beyond flight operations and sales. The online platform, mobile device management, business intelligence, EFB app and crew app are some of the products that make Skylegs a whole solution.

About GetJet

GetJet Marketplace is a unique search engine for cost-effective solutions for business aviation. One such tool is our search engine for real-time empty legs that are fed directly into the search engine from the software used by operators via an API. The customer searching for an empty leg simply enters the desired date and route and when a suitable matching empty leg appears, they are the first to know!

For more information, contact or visit:

📧 Skylegs – | ☎ +32 3658 8480 |

📧 GetJet – | ☎ +356 993 011 32 |

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