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EBAA – The Reversal of the Schiphol Flight Cap Decision

EBAA Update

The Dutch government, led by Infrastructure Minister Mark Harbers, has decided to suspend the proposed flight cap at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.  This is certainly a positive development, but it’s crucial to remember that this is a temporary victory.This decision underscores the strength of our collaborative advocacy efforts and highlights the significant impact of our collective voice in the European aviation landscape. However, it’s essential to recognize that our work is far from over. We need to continue our active engagement and collaboration, particularly with the EU Commission, to ensure that our interests are consistently represented and addressed. As you are aware, the proposed cap aimed to reduce flights by approximately 9,100 from next summer’s schedule, primarily for noise reduction purposes. This decision had been met with considerable resistance from various stakeholders, including the United States and the European Commission. The EBAA has been at the forefront of this dialogue, actively engaging with policymakers and advocating for the interests and concerns of our members. Our involvement in the Dutch case has been a priority, as we strove to represent our community’s interests effectively. However, challenges remain, notably the misconceptions held by certain stakeholders, like Schiphol Airport, about our industry. They often mistakenly portray business aviation as a major contributor to noise and emissions issues. As an association, we are committed to correcting these misconceptions and affirming that our industry is aligned with sustainable and responsible practices. We must continue to emphasize that we are not the problem, but a part of the solution to the challenges facing modern aviation. The suspension of the flight cap is a clear indicator of the effectiveness of a united front in the face of regulatory challenges. It underscores the need for more nuanced approaches to managing airport noise and environmental impacts. We strongly believe that reducing noise at airports isn’t just about reducing flight numbers. It involves embracing innovative strategies like constant descent approaches, optimizing flight routings, and other procedural changes. These solutions, backed by the European Commission and SESAR, can significantly mitigate noise impact while maintaining operational efficiency. Looking ahead, the EBAA remains dedicated to collaborating with governments, industry partners, and regulatory bodies to advance sustainable aviation practices. We are steadfast in our commitment to balance the need for a robust air transport network with our environmental responsibilities.In addition to our work in the Netherlands, we are actively supporting other actions against business aviation, like the proposed ban in Dublin and legally contesting the disproportionate tax in Portugal. These initiatives are part of our broader commitment to address regulatory challenges and misconceptions about our industry.This moment is a reminder of the strength we possess as a united community. Let us continue to work together, advocating for our industry’s future, and shaping the trajectory of European aviation toward sustainability and operational excellence. Warm regards, Robert BaltusChief Operating OfficerEuropean Business Aviation Association

Malta Aviation Conference and Expo 2023

The Malta Business Aviation Association is proud to announce that we were present at the MACE event in Malta.

We had a booth where visitors, members, partners came to see us, network and join as new member the association.

We are looking forward to the next edition of MACE 2024!



New Secretary General for the EBAA

The Malta Business Aviation Association and its members warmly welcome the recent appointment of Mr. Holger Krahmer as the Secretary General of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) .

As the aviation industry, especially in the business aviation sector, grapples with challenges related to airport access and sustainability, we are optimistic that Mr. Krahmer’s leadership will prove instrumental in navigating these obstacles and fostering further growth within the industry.

The MBAA board is dedicated to providing unwavering support to Mr. Krahmer and eagerly anticipates the deepening collaboration between the #MBAA and the #EBAA.

For additional details about Mr. Krahmer’s profile, please visit the following link:


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