EBAA & MBAA calling on the Maltese government to meet its commitments on the EU-wide system to facilitate free and safe travel within the EU

After 18 months of pandemic, business aviation operators, terminals (FBOs) and all partners and stakeholders of the business aviation value chain have implemented safety measures at every stage of the journey to ensure the health and wellbeing of passengers, workers and citizens in general. Our industry cooperated with EASA to define an effective and efficient EASA-ECDC COVID-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol that all our stakeholders apply.

Freedom of movement is a core principle for European citizens and served as a basis for the political agreement between the European Parliament and the Member States on the Regulation governing the EU Digital COVID Certificate (Regulation (EU) 2021/953 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 June 2021). Following the agreement, Member States shall refrain from imposing additional travel restrictions on the holders of an EU Digital COVID Certificate, unless they are necessary and proportionate to safeguard public health. The agreement has been formally adopted by the European Parliament and the Council and the regulation entered into force on the 1st of July 2021.

Less than two weeks after the EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation entered into use, the Maltese government issued the legislation LN301 of 2021 published on the 13th of July 2021, previously amended, on the requirement of the Covid Vaccine Certificate as a precondition of the exercise of the right of movement, with particular reference to the passengers traveling to and from Malta, when negative PCR tests are considered as valid by all the other Member States under the EU common framework for an EU certificate that establishes a common approach to issuing, verifying and accepting certificates to facilitate free movement within the European Union.

The initial plan of the Maltese government to close its borders to non-vaccinated citizens was abandoned and the government announced on the 13th of July 2021 that instead, arrivals would face an undisclosed period of quarantine. The compulsory self-isolation period for those arriving from countries certified as “red” is already 14 days which can be considered as a de facto unnecessary and disproportionate travel ban.

The European Business Aviation Association and the Malta Business Aviation Association have strong concerns about the negative impacts this new legislation has on the business aviation sector, the aviation sector at large, the Maltese economy, and the reputation of Malta as reliable partner amongst its European partners. This regulation is already having a negative impact on business aviation’s daily operations and will eventually result in a significant loss of jobs and revenues for Malta.

We urge the Maltese government to reconsider its disproportionate and unnecessary decision and comply with European guidelines and rules that were designed and agreed on by all European Member States so Europeans can benefit from a clear, understandable and standardized framework to restore free movement after a year and a half of uncertainty.

The MBAA is available to urgently meet the Maltese Authorities involved, providing them its support and expertise in aviation transport, in the joint effort to find alternative solutions safeguarding the health and the rights of Maltese and European citizens.

About EBAA

The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) is the leading organisation for operators of business aircraft in Europe. Our mission is to enable responsible, sustainable growth for business aviation, enhance connectivity and create opportunities. EBAA works to improve safety standards and share knowledge, to further positive regulation and to ease all aspects of closely tailored, flexible, point to point air transportation for individuals, governments, businesses, and local communities in the most time-efficient way possible. Founded in 1977 and based in Brussels, EBAA represents +700 members companies, corporate operators, commercial operators, manufacturers, airports, fixed-based operators, and more, with a total fleet of +1,000 aircraft.

About MBAA

The Malta Business Aviation Association (MBAA) is the leading organisation for business aircraft operators and companies of the business aviation value chain in Malta. Our 28 Members enable businesses and professionals to have more efficient and productive business travel. The organisation founded in 2009 aims to promote excellence and professionalism amongst its Members to enable them to deliver best-in-class safety and operational efficiency, whilst representing their interests at all levels in Malta and consequently Europe. The MBAA will strive to ensure recognition of business aviation as a vital part of the aviation infrastructure and the Maltese economy.

Let’s work together

We look forward to supporting Maltese authorities to draft inclusive policies taking into account the specificities of the Business aviation operations.

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For more information, please visit http://mbaa.org.mt/ and https://www.ebaa.org/

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Covid Vaccine Certificate

The Malta Business Aviation Association and its Members have strong concerns of the impact the new legislation issued by the Maltese Government, LN301 of 2021 published the 13th July 2021. More specifically, the requirement of the Covid Vaccine Certificate as a precondition of the exercise of the right of movement, with particular reference to the passengers traveling in and out of Malta. This regulation will seriously damage our jurisdiction, the daily operations and will eventually result in a significant loss of jobs and revenue for the country.

It is our opinion that one size fits all approach is putting unnecessary burden on an industry, and indeed the island, with little or no real benefit in containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. ‘What risk does a passenger vaccinated in America, Canada or any other country pose when travelling to Malta to board their yacht that will eventually leave Maltese territorial waters? However, the charter company, the handling company, the transport company, the yacht company all lost business and reputation because of this position. Jobs and livelihoods are being put at risk, when we have already shared a risk mitigating protocol with the health authorities more than a year ago when the situation was significantly worse.

As has been highlighted also by the European Commission the above is in contrast with the spirit of the European legislation, which prohibits any kind of discrimination for travellers that are not vaccinated (for whatever reason: either not being able to take the vaccine or exercising their right not to have it).

We are thankful to the Director of the Civil Aviation Directorate who has ensured that previous crew protocol remains applicable.

However, this restriction, if not changed, will create disruption to the entire sector of Business Aviation Industry.

With 85% of the population in Malta already vaccinated as of today, the benefit versus loss ratio of these new measure by far leans towards the loss side of the equation.

The MBAA is available to urgently meet the Maltese Authorities involved, providing them its support and its expertise related to aviation transport, in the joint effort to find alternative solutions to be adopted, guaranteeing the non-violation of the international principles, and safeguarding the health of the Maltese and European citizens.

MBAA Board.


How Skylegs integration with GetJet.com can assist 🛫

               Antwerp & Malta, 7th July 2021 – Aircraft operators know that selling their empty legs can make a huge difference to their bottom line. In the past it was left up to the sales teams to promote and upload (manually) any empty legs to platforms or send out e-mails or WhatsApp messages to notify both brokers and customers alike. This was not only time consuming but also a great distraction for the often-small sales teams operators have, who frequently focused on the most potential empty legs only, leaving out the so called unimportant positioning legs.

               The good news is that this manual process is now a thing of the past, as technology companies such as Skylegs and GetJet Limited are enhancing services at a rapid rate, and they see that any probable empty leg can be actually a source of income.

               Matching the available flights with the passengers’ demands is what GetJet Marketplace does best. Operators simply have an API feed from a schedule board that sends all empty legs into the unique search engine at Getjet.com in real time. The empty leg then goes through the search engine and locates all matching requests, and the broker or customer is notified by automated mail. All empty legs are actual and live in the GetJet.com platform direct from the operators.

               Skylegs, seeing this source of potential revenue for operators, decided to dedicate resources over the last year to ensure they added this API feature to its already well-established aircraft management platform. This development was once again seen by the Skylegs team as an opportunity, to not only optimize processes but also to maximize operator’s empty leg exposure. Once the feature was released, several operators using Skylegs took advantage and are now linked to the GetJet Platform.

About Skylegs

Skylegs is an Aviation Management platform where aircraft operators, brokers and dispatchers can administer their business. It comprises everything needed for air management, going beyond flight operations and sales. The online platform, mobile device management, business intelligence, EFB app and crew app are some of the products that make Skylegs a whole solution.

About GetJet

GetJet Marketplace is a unique search engine for cost-effective solutions for business aviation. One such tool is our search engine for real-time empty legs that are fed directly into the search engine from the software used by operators via an API. The customer searching for an empty leg simply enters the desired date and route and when a suitable matching empty leg appears, they are the first to know!

For more information, contact or visit:

📧 Skylegs – info@skylegs.com | ☎ +32 3658 8480 | www.skylegs.com

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