New MBAA Member

🆕 🛫 [New Malta Business Aviation Association member] 🛬

MedAire is now a member of #MBAA, ready to face today’s trends and operate in the best interest of #bizAv. 👋🏻

We would like to welcome you on board Reely Rajan and your team! 👨🏻‍✈️

Thank you for sticking with us and supporting the association, we are looking forward to working with all of you!! 😊

New MBAA Member

➡ NEW Malta Business Aviation Association Member ⬅

We are grateful to welcome Harmony Jets who has recently joined Malta Business Aviation Association ! 👋

Harmony Jets is dedicated to making a change in the industry and to benefit from the know-how of the community. 🧠

Thank you for your engagement and motivation!!

Welcome on board Sylvain Teruel, and your team! 👏

MBAA Newsletter

The MBAA and all its members joined together in expressing our gratitude to Mr Francois Chavatte, who passed away on the 24th of June 2021, for his dedication to the industry. We also express our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

François Chavatte dedicated his life towards advancing the European Business aviation industry. Following his decades-long service to the European Business aviation industry, he was elected as the first Honorary Member of EBAA. Together with Frits Philips, Chavatte co-founded the EBAA in 1977, to later serve as its President and Chairman of the Board

EBAA Chairman Juergen Wiese said: “With the passing of François, we lost one of the two founding fathers of the united European Business aviation industry. I am thankful for learning from his experience, his unwavering support of EBAA and as chairman, I remain dedicated to continuing his legacy”.

Adding to this, EBAA Secretary-General Athar Husain Khan said: “The industry would not be where it is today without his drive, amicability and dreams. Mr Chavatte always kept a keen interest in EBAA and its members, and we remember him with profound respect”.

In 1952, Chavatte started his aviation career in the French air force as a reconnaissance and fighter pilot and continued in Business aviation with IBM where he headed its corporate flight department. During this time, Chavatte paved the way for European Business aviation by leading a visionary flight department that performed many first-of-its-kind innovations. Most notably, Chavatte was the first Business aviation pilot to ever land at Le Bourget airport following a transatlantic flight, sparking the growth of one of Europe’s most prominent Business aviation airports known today. EBAA’s leadership and staff will honour his memory by dedicating the secretariat to continuing the work he loved.


New MBAA Member ▪ FlexJet ▪

🛩 ‖ WELCOME at Malta Business Aviation Association ‖ 🛩

We are delighted to introduce you our new member here at Malta Business Aviation Association! 👋

Searching for improvements and defending #bizAv rights is one of the main purposes of #MBAA and its membership.

Flexjet has joined #MBAA to take part of this movement and give a positive contribution.

Welcome on board Clive Richardson and your team! 👏

This is the opportunity to spread the values and beliefs of the industry and communicate our passion for aviation!

MBAA New Member ▪ Rentastore Malta ▪

🎉 NEW MEMBER AT Malta Business Aviation Association 🎉

We are thrilled to welcome a new member here at Malta Business Aviation Association! 👋

#Networking, #Innovation, #Sustainability and #Safety are common values shared by MBAA’s members.

Rentastore is now part of our community of passionate #bizAv people dedicated to their jobs and willing to change the industry. 💪🏻

Welcome on board Paul Azzopardi, John Farrugia Randon, and your team! 👏

New MBAA Member ▪ Alliance Jet ▪

~ [New Member at Malta Business Aviation Association] ~

A warm welcome to our new member AllianceJet ! 🙌🏻

Thank you AllianceJet for joining #MBAA, this is the occasion to learn from each other and drive the #bizAv community towards a greener and responsible industry. 🌱

Welcome on board Adrian Spiteri and your team! 👏🏻

Your time and commitment are precious, we are grateful to have you with us!

New MBAA Member ▪ Western Union Malta ▪

#NEWS ❗ [New Malta Business Aviation Association member] ❗

It is such a pleasure to welcome our new member here at Malta Business Aviation Association ! 👋

Western Union Malta has recently joined #MBAA with the ambition to make a difference and work altogether to raise awareness about the benefits and future of #bizAv.

We would like to welcome you on board Mark Anthony CamilleriLinn TonnaRyan DebattistaRuta Bartuskeviciute and your team ! 👏

Thank you for your effort and involvement, we are looking forward to working with all of you !!

New MBAA Member ▪ Skyfirst ▪

📢 Welcome to our new member here at Malta Business Aviation Association ! 👋

We are proud to broaden our community with motivated and dedicated members, seeking innovation and a brighter environment.

SKYFIRST Ltd decided to join our association to promote and defend the future of #bizAv by supporting and sharing experience on challenging issues.

SKYFIRST Ltd is a Malta based business jet operator. 🛬

Welcome on board Olivier PerdrielJoseph M FarrugiaCéline DecourcelleAlan Grech and your team ! 👏

Thank you for your commitment, we are eager to work with all of you !

New MBAA Member ▪ Albinati Aeronautics ▪

🆕 The Family is growing here at the MBAA!!

In the coming weeks, we will introduce all the new #members that decided to join the association who share the same views on future projects for business aviation, whilst supporting the daily challenges of our activities.

Albinati Aviation ltd is a sister company of Albinati Aeronautics SA.

Based in Malta, Albinati Aviation ltd it was established in 2013 and holds a Maltese Air Operator Certificate. Its main activities are the operation and the chartering of corporate jets registered in Malta.

Welcome on board Laurence H Gatt and your team!! 👏🏻

Women in Aviation

Malta Business Aviation Association is glad to be part of this initiative and support all the women working in the aviation industry in Malta. 👏

Sensing a return to the skies?!… 🛫

The Women of Aviation in Malta get together to celebrate, encourage and recognize each other’s considerable achievements while hoping to inspire more ladies to join the industry!

The newly formed Women in Aviation Networking Association will hold its first event on Friday the 18th of June at The Embassy Hotel in Valletta from 4pm to 6pm, joined by guest speaker Karmenu Vella.

The President of the Association, Ruth Sawers of Qualitair Aviation Group, a Randstad Company, says of the event: ”We hope to reach out to as many new members as we can to join us, chat, relax together, and gain new contacts within the industry that will be useful to help support all our lives, both professionally and personally, to be the best we can be!”

With a fantastic team behind it, the skies aren’t even the limits here! 🧠

Ruth Sawers, Operations Manager, Qualitair Aviation Group, a Randstad Company

Melanie Waddell, Flights Operations Inspector, Transport Malta

Ruth Mifsud, 737 Pilot, Malta Air Traffic Services Ltd.

Kathryn Halstead, Director of Partnerships, Eurasian Perspectives

Velika Janevska, HR manager, Medavia – Mediterranean Aviation

Casey Muscat, Graduate Engineer and in PPL training

Diana S., AOC and Charters Manager, DC Aviation (Malta) Ltd.

⚠Tickets are available through the Facebook group or email or by phone Ruth Sawers 00356 99224766. 

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