A selection of latest news and articles from the Business Aviation world.


Update on the future of the UK Block Permit schemes

The MBAA is informed that TM-CAD and UK CAA are close to signing a bilateral block permits agreement, 5th freedom on non-scheduled flights and cargo flights. This bilateral agreement will successfully be finalized in the...

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Introducing the new MBAA Director of PR and Communication

Filippo is a serving board Member of the Malta Business Aviation Association and an  Associate Lawyer at DF Advocates, a law firm based in Malta, supporting the Aviation Department and the Business Development of the firm. Member of the Italian (Perugia) and Spanish...

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MACE// 2020

The aviation industry has suffered one of the most severe blows that it has ever experienced.  Over the past few months, the unthinkable happened and in the space of a few weeks the aviation system as we know it collapsed.  How resilient is this industry and what does...

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Podcast re the effects of Covid19 on the aviation industry

In a podcast published on Temple magazine, Stanley Bugeja, president of the MBAA, and managing director of DC Aviation (Malta) talks about the impact of Covid19 on his company and the aviation industry in general, and what measures have MBAA and EBAA have put in place...

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Confinement lessons from the Royal Navy

SUBMARINE CONFINEMENT In these extraordinary times where we are all learning new ways of protecting ourselves and our families through ‘social distancing’ and confinement, there are some among us to whom such concepts are not new.  One branch of the British Royal...

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MBAA statement re COVID-19

Dear members, friends and colleagues, Due to the COVID19 epidemic, life as we used to know it,has changed in the last couple of months and dramatically in the last two weeks. It is a reality which all of us have...

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