MBAA New Member ▪ Rentastore Malta ▪

🎉 NEW MEMBER AT Malta Business Aviation Association 🎉 We are thrilled to welcome a new member here at Malta Business Aviation Association! 👋 #Networking, #Innovation, #Sustainability and #Safety are common values shared by MBAA’s members. Rentastore is now part of our...

New MBAA Member ▪ Alliance Jet ▪

~ [New Member at Malta Business Aviation Association] ~ A warm welcome to our new member AllianceJet ! 🙌🏻 Thank you AllianceJet for joining #MBAA, this is the occasion to learn from each other and drive the #bizAv community...

New MBAA Member ▪ Western Union Malta ▪

#NEWS ❗ [New Malta Business Aviation Association member] ❗It is such a pleasure to welcome our new member here at Malta Business Aviation Association ! 👋Western Union Malta has recently joined #MBAA with the ambition to make a...

New MBAA Member ▪ Skyfirst ▪

📢 Welcome to our new member here at Malta Business Aviation Association ! 👋We are proud to broaden our community with motivated and dedicated members, seeking innovation and a brighter environment.SKYFIRST Ltd decided to join our association to promote...

New MBAA Member ▪ Albinati Aeronautics ▪

🆕 The Family is growing here at the MBAA!! In the coming weeks, we will introduce all the new #members that decided to join the association who share the same views on future projects for business aviation, whilst supporting the daily challenges of our...

Women in Aviation

Malta Business Aviation Association is glad to be part of this initiative and support all the women working in the aviation industry in Malta. 👏 Sensing a return to the skies?!... 🛫 The Women of Aviation in Malta get together to celebrate, encourage and recognize each...

Update on the future of the UK Block Permit schemes

The MBAA is informed that TM-CAD and UK CAA are close to signing a bilateral block permits agreement, 5th freedom on non-scheduled flights and cargo flights. This bilateral agreement will successfully be finalized in the...

Introducing the new MBAA Director of PR and Communication

Filippo is a serving board Member of the Malta Business Aviation Association and an  Associate Lawyer at DF Advocates, a law firm based in Malta, supporting the Aviation Department and the Business Development of the firm. Member of the Italian (Perugia) and Spanish...

MACE// 2020

The aviation industry has suffered one of the most severe blows that it has ever experienced.  Over the past few months, the unthinkable happened and in the space of a few weeks the aviation system as we know it collapsed.  How resilient is this industry and what does...

Mitigating Social Distancing inflight through business aviation

Daniela Flierl, Managing Partner at AIRGO Private Airline goes in detail about repatriation missions and how to get the economy running again.

Business aviation in Malta

The Malta Business Aviation Association (MBAA) was founded in October 2009 by DC Aviation Ltd., BizAv Services Ltd. and FFF Legal, together with Stanley Bugeja, Adrian Spiteri and Dr. Tonio Fenech. MBAA aims to promote excellence and professionalism amongst our Members to enable them to deliver best-in-class safety and operational efficiency, whilst representing their interests at all levels in Malta and consequently Europe.

MBAA Events

Women in aviation

The newly formed Women in Aviation Networking Association will hold its first event on Friday the 18th of June at The Embassy Hotel in Valletta from 4pm to 6pm, joined by guest speaker Karmenu Vella.

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